So, you want to have your own unique domain name? Did you get tired of using Ok cool. Because I’m out of crazy domain names to use. Time for a little context…

WP Engine for those that don’t know makes life incredibly simple for hosting secure WordPress installs. It’s for the WordPress developer/entrepreneur who likes to customize their setup in a way they would do a more advanced site that doesn’t require a blog structure.

Cloudflare is my preferred DNS provider. Why? Because it’s FREE. I’m cheap and I prefer a service that millions of other bigger businesses use and works like clockwork, especially when it comes to managing your DNS. Cloudflare has many other amazing tools, so I highly suggest checking the rest out. For now, let’s focus on DNS.

A note first: Have a domain hosted somewhere, just not Godaddy, please? It’s a terribly architected service and it pains me to use it every time.

Ok let’s get crackin’:

  1. Setup Cloudflare Account – It is free
  2. Setup a new Site in Cloudflare – they will give you two name servers to make use of.
  3. Setup your nameservers with your domain host (This will be unique to your host)
  4. Setup the WPEngine domain for your new custom domain.
  5. Go to Cloudflare and edit the DNS records for the same site. Add in the correct CNAME record for your domain.
  6. Wait for the new name to propagate between Cloudflare and WPEngine. Go have some coffee or scotch.. its probably 1 am.
  7. Done! Enjoy your custom domain name. Life is a little bit better now.