WordPress 2.8, codenamed Baker, see’s itself with some significant improvements. Over 780 bugs have been fixed in this version, which is a ton by any means. They added in one very cool feature. You can now download and browse the themes directly from your WordPress install, making WordPress even more all-inclusive. The only thing they are missing is a trustworthy file editor and maybe a photo editor. If you had both of those, you could kiss photoshop and DreamWeaver good bye. Although having both items will make WordPress clunky and useless, don’t worry, it will not happen.

One thing I read through their site was the plans to combine WordPress and WordPress MU thoroughly. The possibilities of those two together, if done correctly, can make the base for any simple social networks. I’m sure we’ll see the advent of millions of websites with social networking functionalities. We’ll have to wait and see until the next version.

I have yet to upgrade this installation(@ryanyockey.com) to 2.8. Not too sure I want any of the features in it. Although it is always a great idea to keep your software installs up to date.