Twitch Mainstream Now? Now What?

Despite what many feel was only for gamers, Twitch has started to cross over into mainstream attention.

This all generally started with the crossover of Ninja and Drake doing their stream together. What ensued was over a million people watching Drake and Ninja dominate a match of Fortnite.

So now that Twitch is crossing over and gathering more attention. Whats the plan?

For me that’s get my ass into the Twitch world. I’ve started to stream some of the game I play regularly already, so for me Twitch is literally just flipping a switch and I’m online.

The challenge has been the setup for my system.

For me, I’m on a Mac and before anyone says anything, I know… its not mean’t for gaming, but I’m too busy to swap between my windows partition and I have no space for another laptop or desktop machine in my SF apartment right now.

So, how do we go about streaming? I like Twitch and I like how easy they have made it to stream. The provider I went with was Gameshow.

The actual tough part about getting started on this platform is getting the settings right so you stream doesn’t come out the other end looking like garbage. But, its all about the process and documenting it.

In short though, now we should be streaming if its relevant to your DNA and you as a person. I’m an avid video gamer and always have been since the days of the Atari. What I’m doing now is just streaming what I would otherwise have been doing all along, so its a win win. And you can come chat with me while I’m doing it.

If you’re on Twitch now and want to connect, feel free to hit me up on either my Twitch Channel or shoot me an email.

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