1. The Link Poster

Unless your account is meant strictly for posting links (Ex: @cnn, @techcrunch, etc.), don’t bother posting. Generally, it is a good idea to participate with others on Twitter. Who wants to read a random person’s thousand links to their product? Not I.

2. The 1000+ Updates a Day Poster

It can not be healthy to be tweeting more than 10 times in a minute unless it is a super exciting event where people need constant and instant updates. If you are one of these tweet happy people, ease up a bit. The Twitter world will still be there when you come back in, let’s say, 40 minutes or more. There are instances where I think it’s ok to have tweeted more than once in an hour or so. Maybe you’re responding to a bunch of @ questions/comments your followers have sent you.

3. Has the Default Avatar

We are past the age of no identity online. It is 2009 now, and everyone needs to have a face of sorts. It can be an upsidedown cake picture, something, especially on Twitter where it is all about you. I generally don’t follow any new people with the default avatar, as nine times out of 10, they are spammers trying to make a quick buck from porn or male enhancement pills.

4. People Who Dont Participate

In essence, Twitter is about actively talking with people in small and informative posts. When all someone does is talk about themselves, and what breakfast burrito they had for dinner, instead of spend time getting to know new people, they are defeating the purpose of Twitter. The more active time you put into Twitter, the more you get back from it. The same really goes for any social network out there. Participate actively, and you win.

Twitter is the new Myspace these days, and every day it will become the victim of more and more spam and junk. The folks at Twitter have done an outstanding job blocking most of it and learning from the mistakes of Myspace. I think there are still some new and unfound ways to annoy people on Twitter royally.

What are your Twitter gripes?