So I have to hand it to Microsoft to make it easy to set some geographic areas for your ads. It is one of the most important things when working with PPC traffic because you don’t want to sell sausages in South-Africa. Well, maybe you do; who knows, perhaps they love the stuff. Coupling my products with the places, it’s most famous is super important. For one, I’m grabbing my demographic, and secondly, I’m getting some direct and targeted traffic for my PPC campaign.

adCenter makes all of that super simple to implement. Another helpful tip when working on PPC is to take advantage of gender and age targeting. If you can get some highly targeted traffic like that, it will just further improve your conversion.

On the note of my ongoing PPC experiment, I haven’t made any conversions yet. I think this is mostly due to the bid’s cost on some of these terms. Even though I have over 1k keywords for this campaign and all sorts of misspellings and typos, I can’t break into the right bid point. So I may have to run some more adjustments and settings to get a better foothold in the market.