StoryBrand – Your Marketing Message Redefined

I’m an avid book reader and I’m especially into the idea of reading more about business psychology and the thought process to learn more about how our customers are thinking.

In an effort to share more about what I’m reading and learning, I’m going to start dropping my book reviews here.

My first book here is the StoryBrand book by Donald Miller. 

This book from the start is kind of cheesy, but fun to read. Donald broke down the book into palatable sections where you can digest it and move on.

StoryBrand is breaking down storytelling form a movie writers perspective into marketing speak.

It makes for easy sections and understandable character development and plot building. The nice thing is that Donald had his team create a companion website where you can go in and start to develop your StoryBrand Brand Script (a phrase I could literally hear in my head in his voice).

The Brand Script helps to develop your brands message and position you and your business as the guide for the customers journey.

I have already taken the time to develop my StoryBrand for my own personal brand as well as a couple up and coming business projects I’ve been developing. (More on those later)

StoryBrand Brand Script Ryan Yockey

The actionable steps, so long as you act on them, can be very insightful and valuable for anyone developing their brand and building their own business.

This book was something I could easily read/listen to and get a ton of value from it. If you watch any movies at all, it will become easy to understand how this style of thinking of your brand and developing the message will work for you.

Hope you give it a look!

Let me know in the comments below if you have read this before. I would be curious to hear your feedback.