Alright, since I’ve been into giving away as much knowledge as I can about social marketing, I might as well keep up with it and give away some easy tips to marketing on or any video site for that matter. Now you may have heard of this place. It’s only one of the most visited places on the internet. Watch as I hype it up for you. Really though, many people visit these sites, so why not gain something from it for yourself.

Right away, you’ll need some software to make these movies. Depending on your OS, the simple ones are Microsoft Movie Maker for the PC and iMovie for the MAC. For my straightforward videos, we won’t need anything fancy. If for some reason, you wanted to get crazy on this, you could use Adobe Premiere or a similar setup.

The same rules apply as before. Be a good socialite and participate, and please don’t spam. The idea here is low budget video work. Now my first attempts at this were pretty quiet in traffic, but that doesn’t matter. I still got something out of it and was able to improve on it.

The first and most tedious part of making videos is studying the niche you are marketing to. Taking the time to do this, in the beginning, will work wonders for your social video marketing campaign. Find out what are the most viewed videos. Find out why people are viewing them the most. Most of the time, you’ll find the video really stands out in some shape or form. Most of the time, it’s entertaining. You can game this system, but I strongly suggest you don’t. Like the thousands of videos, you see of hot chicks or someone getting punched. Be honest about the video in your description and in the video itself.

Now here’s an example of how I tested this out for myself. One of my niche sites dealt with a lot of pictures. Well, how do you market images on youtube? The same way you do with a regular website. Take a stack of photos and toss them into your video, one frame for one picture. You don’t have to do anything special; you could even avoid using transitions if you wanted to. Now I wanted to get fancy and put some music behind it, and BAM, I had a video people could enjoy. If you wanted to be adventurous, you could take some time and make your own watermark on your videos with the URL to your site in them.

Well, the next part is pretty easy, upload your now completed video to the various video sites out there; youtube, stage6, Veoh, Dailymotion, etc. Pay close attention to how you word your video descriptions. Make sure it will appeal to your market. Also, be sure to tag your video accurately. Anything you can do so your video can be found.

Just uploading the video usually isn’t enough to get it out there, unless it’s an excellent video—Here where that magic participation in the social network pays off. Take time to write thoughtful comments on other people’s videos. People will follow those comments and see what videos you’ve got and view them. I shouldn’t have to tell you, but stumbling your videos and delicious linking to the video doesn’t hurt either. Driving good traffic to these videos can quickly produce some great targeted traffic for your sites.

Now, how well have I done with my videos? Well, in the last three I released, I have had a combined view count of 10,352 views and 1035 clicks through the video links to my niche site. This was all done in about three days. Which I would say isn’t too bad at all. Unique videos really pay off on this site, for more than the obvious reasons. Another significant benefit to just publishing the videos, usually someone will link to it or embed it on their site. Only furthering your videos reach. I’d say it took me about an hour to make the first video. That’s just cause I was getting familiar with the program. After that, it was only about 15 minutes per video. So 15 minutes for a bit of traffic and some easy exposure for my site. Not bad.  So get out there and give it a shot. When you’re done, post some results on here. Enjoy and Good Luck!