So let’s talk about some ways to market your affiliate program/ebook/website. The new buzzword in the internet marketing world is Social Marketing!! It’s just as it sounds and a relatively simple idea. You make a website or have a program you want to sell, and all you do is market it along with all the social networks. IE: youtube, myspace, Facebook, etc. We used to call these spamming sites back when I first started doing it. Nowadays, it’s pretty much becoming the normal thing to do. Its also becoming the easiest free method for gaining traffic to your sites. In some cases more comfortable than getting ranked on the search engines. Over the next few weeks, my goal is to dump off a few simple techniques to gain traffic from these social giants for your various projects.

I already talked about gaining traffic on StumbleUpon. The key with StumbleUpon and the same goes for every other social network, is participating in the network. No one wants to Stumble, or Digg, or give a rating to people who aren’t involved. I am not saying go out and be a spammer and annoy the hell out of people. The basic idea is to make some friends, add value to their social networks and participate.

So let’s talk about one that you probably haven’t used before, If you haven’t been there before, this site is all about ebooks, articles, and anything in the written form. There are some photos, but those aren’t getting the most attention. One method I have employed with Scribd is uploading quick articles about affiliate offers that are going on right now. The first thing you want to pay attention to with Scribd is originality. Do not go and copy other people’s stuff. This is just going to give you some bad reputation on their site and no traffic going your way. Scribd is all about original articles that generally help people in some shape or form. Again, it’s all about adding value to the site. You want to create enough buzz for people to like to comment on it, link to it, and build traffic to it. Now the beauty of Scribd is you can add HTML to your articles. This means you can embed your links into the articles and efficiently use their social network traffic to push some sales/traffic your way.

Now that we have some tactics under our belt for using the site, how do we build the article’s traffic? The very first method is to…you guessed it participate in the site. Go comment on other articles, join groups, make a group, and get some friends. Because no one knows anything about people who keep to themselves, one example for you lets say you comment on one other person’s article; not only will the author see it and probably check out what you have written, but so will all the other people who see that person article. Again I really want to emphasize that you should be writing real responses that add value to other people’s articles and not write things like, “HEY CHECK OUT MY COOL ARTICLE!”. All that does is waste your time, other people’s time and ruins your reputation. Another method is to Stumble your own articles. Again that’s just an easy way to cross the traffic sources over from StumbleUpon and Scribd. There are plenty of other ways to drive traffic to your Scribd articles. I could write pages and pages of them. Now I’m not guaranteeing any crazy amount of traffic. Always take your time, and test test test. Then try some more. Track your results, review them, and go back at it again. Enjoy the tips, and Good Luck with your Social Marketing!