So for those of you who are part of the massive Twitter Revolution! Something I have become quite annoyed with lately. Mostly due to the massive amounts of trash messages that come through it. I have found a better solution for me, namely Pownce. Pownce pulls together all the elements of Twitter and adds some file and event functionality to it. Overall its user interface is extremely streamlined and easy to use. The significant benefit is that Pownce allows you to reply directly to other people’s messages, rather than the whole ‘@youtwit’ Twitter method; this is a direct and inline messaging system. It makes things much more straightforward and easy to understand.

The system is still going through its growing pains, so it has the occasional hic-up.  The only things I have had trouble with was finding friends and looking at older messages in the system. Pownce has some quirk in the system when you add a friend, and it stops displaying their senior notes. It makes it a little difficult to check out and comment on the older things they have done. Regardless Pownce does have a desktop app and a mobile app to keep you jotting notes where ever you may be.

If you’re on Pownce feel free to add me as a friend:

Or just go over and sign-up for an account: