Podcasting Done Quick and Easy with Anchor

Recently, I’ve decided to go even further in on my audio content.

Just to set the stage, I’m already an extremely busy person. I have a full-time job, training for CrossFit, and I have a family which I’m heavily dedicated to. No excuses here, just need to find something that will help me deliver a high-quality experience and do it will minimal setup.

Enter Anchor.fm

Anchor makes it dead simple for you to record and deliver podcast episodes. We already have high-quality noise-canceling microphones in our pockets on a smart device. So why not just use whats available to us.

If you want a guest on your show, then that’s easy. Make sure they have the anchor app and bam, they can call into the show and you’re live with 2 folks recording.

This actually has already come in handy for me. It has made it simple for me to record multiple podcasts and I didn’t really have to do a whole lot.

Now if you want to step things up a notch, you can hook up your own microphone and do a bit of post processing on your audio files.

This will give you a real high level of polish that other folks are not doing as much of.

One thing to make sure you’re doing is having your episodes syndicated on as many platforms as you can possibly get them on. Anchor does have an integration to do this, but so far it seems a little slow to get it out there. I will say that you should manually put your episodes up on Soundcloud at the very least and that will get you some decent spread.

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