The New Mission 2017 and Beyond

Late this year I had the pleasure of getting married to my amazing wife. The wedding was perfect and the honeymoon was even better. The amazing bonus was having a chance to step away from the rest of my life and reset during the honeymoon.

This was the first time in the last 5 years I’ve had the time to look back and take time for myself. Ever since moving on from my last startup in San Diego and making the move to San Francisco to work with friends on their startups, I haven’t stopped to look back.

This trip was amazing because I actually got clarity on what I want for me and getting back to hustling for myself. To my roots.

I wanted to get back to building businesses and work through a million ideas, being an entrepreneur. I’ve had the chance now with rebuilding this blog and starting to recapture my social presence.

The best part has been the process and the game itself. This game of being an entrepreneur. Its weird to say, but I’m going back to being an entrepreneur.

I am literally at the bottom of this game and could not be more excited to build up and reach for the top and beyond. I have big dreams and being driven to find the limits of everything is on my mind.

I love this feeling. I have to be patient and at the same time constantly fighting and taking risks. I’m testing everything I can and as fast as I can. I want to understand how to make it work better than everyone has.

I’m not afraid to fail either. I have failed so many times before. Countless times and sometimes it gave me great lessons and sometimes it gave me nothing in return. The idea though that I can learn something quick and turn around and try it again is fun.

In the end though I’m grateful and I’m thankful, because I get to play this game. I’m working for myself, but at the same time I’m working for you. I’m working to make you better and meet your goals and dreams by sharing everything I know and learn with you.

So thank you. I am grateful that you have read this right now and given me an amazing gift. Your attention and your word of mouth. It means so much to me that you would take time to read and listen to my stuff. I will never take you for granted. Much Love.

Lets get after 2018.