When you work alone all day, like most of us do when we work online, it’s tough to come up with fresh ideas. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have a tough time finding a group of people to pass arguments to. Working in the industry, either don’t share the same mindset I do, aren’t motivated, or are much farther behind me in the learning curve.

The one thing I’ve known over the last few years is I lack a Mastermind Group or a group of people either at my level or higher I can bounce ideas off of and learn from. In my day to day life, I haven’t ever had a problem meeting new people, but the online world has always alluded to me.

A Mastermind Group’s benefits can be a massive help in your business in just about every aspect. Keeping your mind fresh allows you to think of things in a new frame of mind and meet new people, thereby broadening your perspective.

So here are some questions for you. How would you go about finding a Mastermind Group? What your criteria? What makes a Mastermind Group special for you?

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