Life and Business are Waves

Listen, this is something I’ve been using for a little while now as an example of how to interpret and deal with life and the challenges it presents.

Waves are how life is presented to us.

We are either riding them or feeling the crash from them.

This isn’t some hokey thing where I️ tell you to feel out life. This is a way to look at what’s going on and how to anticipate patterns in the future.

Sometimes we ride a wave of amazing things and life is going so well. You’re making amazing moves in work or you’re having a fantastic social life. Whatever it is, it becomes hard to envision life getting any worse.

Then there are times in which we are at the bottom and the waves are crashing right on top of us. The crash is where we are presented with the opportunity to do truly great things.

The crash is where we have the chance to learn the most about ourselves and the resiliency of our businesses.

It is the ebb and flow of what we have to deal with. Everything can be placed into this concept.

We can look at the marketing sphere. The wins of email in the mid 90’s and the crash of the market by 2000. The ride back up in 2001-2004 with AdWords. and the crash of banner advertising around 2010 when influencer marketing took over. These are simple examples but, true.

Even in life. The housing market crashed in 2008. That was a terrible time for a lot of people. But, many people were able to turn it into opportunity. So long as they weren’t short-sighted about what happens at that moment and could look 5 to 10 years down the line and even longer.

This concept has helped me see past the shit going on around me and move forward knowing I will ride the next wave back up and see the opportunities in the crashes. It makes it very easy to have the longest term vision for our lives.

My point here is very simple. Have the self-awareness about what you’re grand plan is and don’t worry about the small things.  Remember, we are lucky because we can see the opportunities for what they are and can make the best of these crashes and seriously enjoy riding the waves.