Earlier today, I received a message from a buddy, Brian, who was having a hard time building list for his niche. Now to give some background on Brian, he is in a different situation than most people. He has a few products and sales letters already in place. He just has not been building himself a list(big mistake, I know). I gave him my general tips for getting a plan together. Ones I have used and still use to gather prospects in my niches.

Let’s say you have no product. All you have are some keywords you have done your primary market research to cover. Right away, get yourself an Aweber account. They are hands down the easiest to use for e-mail marketing, and it’s cheap. Only 20$ a month, and you get to make unlimited lists. They even have tutorials to walk you through creating a list and making your first opt-in form.

Once you are all set up with your Aweber account, put a link to either a squeeze page or include your opt-in form on your market research blog. This could be on a blogger blog, youtube description, your domain with the squeeze page HTML on it, etc. Let your imagination run wild.

(If you don’t know what a squeeze page is, have a look at DoubleYourDating.com .It’s also one of the best examples of a squeeze page for you to model yours off of.)

Another tip I recently heard from Frank Kern and Matt Trainers’ latest video(thanks, guys) was placing the opt-in form in the upper right corner of your page, as you see here on my site! It increases the chances of a prospect opting-in to your list.

It is even better when you know the market is eager to buy your products or you already have them buying. It is like building a preemptive strike on the market. In the meantime, you can market affiliate products to the prospects and build that oh so vital relationship.

Have fun with it!