Instagram poll stickers: The new marketing opportunity

How do you use Instagram poll stickers?

Step 1: take a instagram story photo or video.

Step 2: add the Instagram poll stickers to your story.

Step 3: choose your Instagram poll answers.

Step 4: post your Instagram poll to your followers and start collecting responses.

Listen, this is powerful stuff. The way Instagram has been staying at the forefront of connecting with users and innovating like crazy is making them the new trend setters.

This innovation from Instagram/Facebook started with the launch of stories to compete with Snapchat. This was a quick entry into the micro social space and helped to slow the growth of Snapchat. Now we’re seeing Instagram accelerate that growth with over 800 million monthly active users.

But back to the importance of polls.

These polls offer marketers the chance to ask their user base in an engaged way simple A/B questions.

This is the most simple way to engage with your user base in a meaningful way.

We can start to understand what things our customers are interested in buying, what events they want to attend, or who’s the hottest artist now.

There are endless ways to make this work for your community.

This update is really interesting to me because it gives the stories more functionality. Something we haven’t seen before. The data collection on this will be key.

It comes with some built in analytics to start to understand actionable data for your community.

This is very exciting to me.

You’ll see me use this to talk about Crossfit and various new marketing materials. Polls on Instagram vs Snapchat.

The last thing I’ll say here is this isn’t the end. Instagram is just getting started on the innovation of stories and it’s platform. It probably won’t be long before we see multiple choice polls. I can even see the possibility of sharing the poll results with the community.

This is the start of Instagram unlocking their platform even more.

Get out there and use these polls!

Thanks for reading! 😁

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