For the everyday Marketer, there are often five overlooked things you can do right now to become more productive in your day to day work.

  1. Turn Off Instant Messengers
  2. Turn Off Your Email
  3. Turn Off Your Phone
  4. Close The Door To Your Office/Get In A Quiet Place
  5. Turn Off Twitter Updates

Now you have the guidelines. The common theme in all of these methods is to get rid of distractions and focus on the task at hand. The problem with having email, phone, etc. on is you are subconsciously multitasking all the time. What multitasking does is it takes away the solid focus on one item.

You may think you are accomplishing massive amounts of work in your sessions. Although if you look back, you will find you are completing less work overall. One minute writing a blog post, the next you are checking an email about the latest Viagra offer. All those little minutes here and there add up to staggering amounts.

(I will concede to the ADD/ADHD crowd. I have seen it first hand how bad those folks have it. It’s extremely tough to concentrate on one thing at a time.)

Regardless of your setup, these simple tips can really help you cut out the distractions and get some seriously focused, productive work done.

It has been a tremendous help in my daily work. Even if it’s only for a few hours, it’s worth the effort. With a little effort, I have been able to make it a habit.

If you wanted to be an overachiever, you could take it to..a…whole…not..level, and you could make a habit out of taking care of yourself and working out, eating right, exercising your brain, and doing some reading.