I am continually registering domain names for all sorts of projects and crazy ideas that come to me. I recently blogged about using Domize to find yourself a domain name, but I’ve never talked about where you should register your domain names.

I continuously hear just about everyone praising GoDaddy and how easy it is to use, and it’s so cheap at $10 to register a .com and another $3-4 for the privacy service.

OK, let’s count it up; thats $14. It doesn’t sound like much. Well, when you own 100+ domain names at $14. That starts to seem like a good chunk of change.

Now I started using GoDaddy way back, about 6-7 years ago. Right when I got into marketing online. It was the only destination, for a while, for fair domain name pricing.

What if I were to tell you there was a cheaper solution? Well, there is, Dreamhost.com. I’ll be honest, the hosting isn’t the absolute greatest, but all you’re doing is serving up some information products. Then it’s not such a bad idea; actually, it’s pretty damn cheap. Back to the domain names, Dreamhost does all of their domains for only $9.95 per year, which includes a FREE privacy service on the domain. I recommend that anyone use them for domain name hosting.

In the last two years with them, I haven’t had a single moment where their domain system was down or didn’t work. I currently host all of my domains through them, which has saved me a bunch of cash compared to GoDaddy. Check them out and save yourself some money.