I will start and say this book was excellent. You can sit and read this whole thing in a day. Getting Real is a book generally aimed at people looking to develop web apps. However, the information can be used to push yourself in different aspects of the internet and brick and mortar business arena.

Getting Real runs down all aspects of starting the business of running a web app in the minds of the folks behind the creation of 37 Signals web apps. You get the chance to see the breakdown of the thought process, from the development of the site’s idea and how to effectively build out an idea and refine it into something worth working on. Then you get another aspect like team building and how to choose the right people for the job. There are various tips on how to build up the brand of your web app and what kinds of realities to expect when building one up.

The book’s format is new to me because they use brief paragraphs to explain the idea and then feedback from respected people in the industry to back up those ideas. The nice thing is this book presents you with real-life examples of essential items in a way you can easily digest.

I read this book a month or two ago, and the information has stuck with me. I will most likely re-read this book again soon, as it is free to read online since I will be developing a new web app soon. Take a day or even a week and sit down to read this book. You will be glad you did.