As Twitter has grown, so needs for a more up to date email notification system. A few days ago, Twitter decided it was time to release a more comprehensive email notification about new followers. I don’t know about you, but for me and my already high 600+ followers (Of which I’m honored to be followed by each and everyone), I get notifications probably 5-10 times in a day for a new follower. This new email system can really save you time and energy.

1. User Stats

Right away, this new email notification gives us insight into how many followers the user has, how many people follow the user and how many updates the user has made. This is critical to me. Now I can see if this is some spam bot made to look like a user or a user who will undoubtedly spam me. I can see if they follow back people they follow. If a user has followed 3000 people and made one update to their profile, I think it is a spammy account. Hence, I won’t click the link and ignore this email, saving me valuable time.

2. User Avatar

Another trait of a spammer’s accounts, the default avatar. Usually, if they have a zillion follows, minimal updates, and the default avatar, spider senses tingle, and I say nay I will not follow you, kind sir. Also, it gives you a better connection with those people who may be genuine users.

3. Block Users

The ‘block user’ link has been added to the emails now. We can finally block off what we deem spammy accounts with a simple click from our inbox. One less step for me to take, although I can’t say I have ever had to block someone. At least not yet…

These were all essential steps to facilitate Twitter in their growth. A positive is now we get some snazzy looking HTML based emails with graphics. I have not looked at these emails in text format, so maybe someone can share their experiences with them. If I had to nitpick, which I do, I’d say make the email include their recent 5 tweets to give us an idea of the kind of content this person produces.

Enough from me. Whats your take on the new email notifications?