Gary Vaynerchuk Style Instagram Posts and Stories – The Gary V Template

Have you ever wanted your stories to look like Gary Vee’s?

Of course, because we know his team TeamGaryVee, is churning out various versions of his stories and testing every possible permutation.

That’s exactly what I’ve been working on building for all of you.

I’m always watching as Gary and his team is out there innovating and trying to change the game on how we see and interact with Instagram.

On Instagram you can’t just be there like everyone else, you need to innovate and create things that no one else has ever done. This is what give you the unique thunder that no one else has.

So what I have here for you is an Adobe Premiere template to get you kicked off right. It has its own unique twist to the standard loader. See below for an example of how it works.

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Follow this link to get the file: Get your template (promise, no gimmicks)

If you don’t have Adobe Premiere, you can download Creative Cloud here with a subscription to get started.

I’ve left placeholders in each part for you to drop your videos in and get started quickly. I would even suggest adding in some captions to your videos to help your users understand you even better.

Drop me some links in the comments below with your creations!