I’ve recently seen using these social media networks like DIGG and YouTube for a new form of marketing your blogs/websites. Among some of the resources I turn to for advice on various topics. This one being the internet, I stumbled on http://www.harpzon.com, which he recently did a brief article on bringing traffic to your sites through things like making Diggs that speak directly to the Digg community.

When I started doing this whole internet marketing thing a year ago, my entire goal was to be a whore on the net for all of my sites. However, my tactics as a “spammer” are gaining backlinks and getting the name out there. I looked at “spamming” my site through comments on relevant blogs and making excellent comments on their sites. Now almost instantly, after doing that on a TON of places in the early stages of my site, I was able to create some severe amounts of backlinks and people visiting my blog specifically for my content. I’m talking about 40-100 visits per comment I left. The traffic may not seem like a lot, but when you drop your site’s URL on 40+ sites, it quickly adds up. The same goes for DIGG, and I took the time to make reliable content for the Digg machine to make use of, and over the long haul, it has added up to a lot of visitors.

The Rundown:

  • *Making relevant and helpful comments on other people’s blogs is easy FREE traffic. You get all your click backs through people clicking on your name (your name generally has your URL in it, Ryan Yockey).
  • *Make Digg articles with helpful and relevant content; your title is key here. Bad title ZERO clicks, good title = MONEY in the bank.

So there you have it, a couple solid tips on free traffic to your blog.