This late evening, I Took to toss together this simple WordPress plugin to show off the most recent people to make the first comment on the ten most recent posts. This encourages the bad behavior of people spamming sites with “FIRST!”, but whatever. I think it promotes a good, fun atmosphere on this site and any other site that may use it.

This thing is exceptionally beta. I tossed it together based on the Freepress Blog Top Commenter’s widget. So if you run into bugs, throw me a note. I could use some feedback on how well it works on various WordPress installs. What version you are using and whether or not it works. As of right now, it’s working for WP 2.2+. Enjoy.

Install Instructions:

  1. Unzip the contents of this zip to your Plugins folder. I.E.- wp-contents/plugins/firsttocommentwidget.php
  2. Activate the plugin in your wordpress admin panel.
  3. Goto your Presentation -> Widgets Panel and drag the widget onto your sidebar panel and enjoy!
  4. Alternatively you can call this plugin using:
    < ?php get_firsttocomment_posts(’10′); ? >
    You can replace “10″ for however many posts you want the plugin to query for comments.

Download Plugin: