Sometimes you get stuck trying to find a keyword. Most of the time, the new people to internet marketing jump right into the whole mix without researching their keywords to find out if it even has traffic coming to it. You want to know things like traffic, competing websites, and web 2.0 properties. For anyone who lacks a method or wants to know how I handle it, I take care of keyword research, and maybe it can help you.

I take my keyword lets say ‘Golf Swings’. I start with and input the keyword. Using the first 10 results, I then go to the AdWords Keyword tool and input the website url and grab all of the relevant keywords for the particular niche. I do this for the 10 URLs on Google and usually I come out of AdWords with about 400-500 keywords relevant to the niche and export them as a excel spreadsheet.

To even further the keyword gathering, I then head over to and use the same 10 URLs to gather even more keywords. Seodigger tends to dump out hundreds if not thousands of keywords for just one URL. Which I can export as a spreadsheet file as well.

After I have all of these keywords I ditch all of the duplicates and save it all in one spreadsheet file.

I will then use this tool called Gtrends SE to run all of the keywords through the Google Gtrends Analysis, and it finds things like web2.0 properties and other important things.(With the advent of the Adwords statistics, I’m sure this tool will be updated to grab exact traffic numbers for each phrase.) This tool also does one important thing, it separates good traffic numbers from bad ones. What it means for you is it will break down what are good niche keywords to market for an what are not good ones based on how much traffic the niche receives and how many competing websites are in the particular niche.

Once all of this is done I can usually come out of it with 5-20 really good keywords to test the market with.

So yeah, there is my current method. Gtrends SE is the golden program in all of it. Costs about 25$. Well worth it in my opinion. Saves me valuable time.