Recently I got into using the entire web to my advantage, namely the mobile market.

I know, old news Ryan get to the point!

Fine! Here’s the deal. So I was developing a variety of websites today for the iPhone. Now I work on Vista, so the Apple SDK is out of the question for now. Every single iPhone “Simulator” out there is lame. All they are doing is giving you an iPhone frame with an iframe inside of it. So the question begs, how do I know this website will work on an iPhone if I don’t have one?

Well, I’ll tell you the secret I found today. Download the latest Safari version (I think you know where to find it) once you’re all set there.  Goto Edit > Preferences. Then select the Advanced tab and check the Show Develop Menu in the menu bar option. Close that window and goto Develop > User-Agent > iPhone(or iPod Touch).

Bingo! You’re now viewing the webpage as you would if you were on an iPhone. To get the full effect, you’ll need to shrink your browser window to match the 320PX width. Now that you can view the iPhone style, we can add some calls in our code to check the user agent for iPhone; that way, our websites will show unique things to iPhone users.