My Content Marketing Strategy

Look, this is one of the most important things you can do to build out your content reach.

I’ve been working on this as I build my personal brand. Really it just comes down to a simple set of tactics.

As I’m writing this content I’m thinking about how I can build out the multiple touch points across the different platforms.

Here’s the trick for something like a blog post. Because maybe you’re more of a written content person.

Content Strategy Steps

  1. Write the post
  2. Syndicate the content to Medium
  3. Write an original piece for Facebook and link out to the blog post
  4. Write and original piece for Twitter and link out to the blog post
  5. Take a screen shot of either the Twitter post of Facebook post and put it on Instagram
  6. Take that same screenshot and put it on Snapchat
  7. Take the blog post and start a podcast where you talk in more depth about the content – syndicate that content to every sound platform you can
  8. Make a video of you talking about the content and post it across the various video platforms

This is just a simple template. Take it and make it your own. Put a spin on it and grow your business or brand.

The order of these steps is not important because you can take this from any particular point and turn it into something awesome.

But the idea is to not count out a single platform because you know it’s going to be so important once you hit home with a certain audience and then you can start doubling down on that platform.

I didn’t mention Pinterest and Tumblr but those could be adapted to live in this if you saw real value there and your niche had a place there.

Let me know in the comments below how you implement this in your business.