Coming Up With Post Ideas

Guest Post by Shaun Long writer at Social Missive –

When you start a blog, it is usually easy to come out of the gate with topics about your niche or subject. But as you delve deeper, you will tend to find yourself having trouble coming up with topics to write about. It is important not to stop writing because the second you do, days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and then your blog is non-existent. Try using the following tips to get your writing juices flowing!

Use Google’s Built in Search Suggester

Visit and start to input any search term. Enter any topic, and it will start to give you a list of suggestions of what you might be searching for. Google uses popular search requests as a basis for returning results, so these items are great topics to write about!

Keep a Notepad With You or Use Your Cellphone as a Note Taker

It’s important always to have a way to write ideas down with you at all times. I usually get great ideas for topics when I’m on the go or away from the computer. When these ideas pop in your head, make sure you have a way to jot them down!

Freshen Up an Old Subject

A great way to develop a new post is to go through your old posts and pick out a subject from one of them. This is a good way to elaborate on a previous topic and create some site interlinking opportunities. You can also update some of the ideas you previously had to suit better what you’ve learned recently.

Write an Opinion or About an Experience

Often, we paint ourselves in a corner and don’t use our own experiences as ideas for blog posts. You can write about prior experiences and how you dealt with or overcame them. You can be opinionated about a product or a subject. Never forget that people read blogs for firsthand knowledge of issues!