Why I’m Using Quora Now, and You Should Too

Quora - Ryan yockey - The Yock Answers

Quora has been around for a long time now. Just over 9 years to be exact. And for me, its found a renewed vibrancy.

I used to comb the internet for various answers to random questions I had (I’m a perpetual learner). I would always stumble upon a Quora question of the same vein and would be impressed by the answers and at times WHO was answering the questions.

For my personal niche, I’m always interested in business and growing businesses and doing the same for other people. I’ve been very good at it and have learned a ton. But I got a ton of that knowledge from some of the founders and business folks on Quora who have been kind enough to share their experiences and stories.

It’s this storytelling and answering of questions that has drawn me back to Quora.

Its a place for me to give back to my communities. I’m perpetually interested in so many topics. For growing this blog and my presence online, Quora has been an invaluable place. The community is hungry for more knowledge and they aren’t satisfied with just one person’s answer to the questions. That’s the beauty of the platform.

With Quora you can develop your mark on the world with the knowledge you’ve obtained. I happen to be very good at identifying new methods to make money from various businesses both online and offline, so I get asked to answer an obsurd amount of questions on the subject. I’m both humbled and shocked at how easy it is.

Its also wildly rewarding to be the go to person for a lot of people. It turned into a great way to give back to people. I like that I could impact someone in some other part of the world and hopefully make a positive change in their lives.

Quora is also a ridiculously underutilized branding platform.

There are so many opportunities to brand and make sure people can follow you outside of Quora itself. I happened to start dropping my social links (when appropriate) and it has turned into some ways for folks to engage with me outside of Quora itself.

I even decided to take it one step further. I have crafted a Q&A show around answering questions I get from Quora. Check it out below if you’re interested. It will give you an idea of the kinds of questions I’m fielding and how I’ve decided to give back to the community.

Quora can deliver is so many ways, but it could not be better than connecting with so many people immediately and being able to spread the knowledge you’ve gathered.

If you’re on Quora, make sure to follow me

Podcasting Done Quick and Easy with Anchor

Anchor App - Ryan Yockey Podcasting

Recently, I’ve decided to go even further in on my audio content.

Just to set the stage, I’m already an extremely busy person. I have a full-time job, training for CrossFit, and I have a family which I’m heavily dedicated to. No excuses here, just need to find something that will help me deliver a high-quality experience and do it will minimal setup.

Enter Anchor.fm

Anchor makes it dead simple for you to record and deliver podcast episodes. We already have high-quality noise-canceling microphones in our pockets on a smart device. So why not just use whats available to us.

If you want a guest on your show, then that’s easy. Make sure they have the anchor app and bam, they can call into the show and you’re live with 2 folks recording.

This actually has already come in handy for me. It has made it simple for me to record multiple podcasts and I didn’t really have to do a whole lot.

Now if you want to step things up a notch, you can hook up your own microphone and do a bit of post processing on your audio files.

This will give you a real high level of polish that other folks are not doing as much of.

One thing to make sure you’re doing is having your episodes syndicated on as many platforms as you can possibly get them on. Anchor does have an integration to do this, but so far it seems a little slow to get it out there. I will say that you should manually put your episodes up on Soundcloud at the very least and that will get you some decent spread.

Meet your customers where they are.

StoryBrand – Your Marketing Message Redefined

StoryBrand Donald Miller

I’m an avid book reader and I’m especially into the idea of reading more about business psychology and the thought process to learn more about how our customers are thinking.

In an effort to share more about what I’m reading and learning, I’m going to start dropping my book reviews here.

My first book here is the StoryBrand book by Donald Miller. 

This book from the start is kind of cheesy, but fun to read. Donald broke down the book into palatable sections where you can digest it and move on.

StoryBrand is breaking down storytelling form a movie writers perspective into marketing speak.

It makes for easy sections and understandable character development and plot building. The nice thing is that Donald had his team create a companion website where you can go in and start to develop your StoryBrand Brand Script (a phrase I could literally hear in my head in his voice).

The Brand Script helps to develop your brands message and position you and your business as the guide for the customers journey.

I have already taken the time to develop my StoryBrand for my own personal brand as well as a couple up and coming business projects I’ve been developing. (More on those later)

StoryBrand Brand Script Ryan Yockey

The actionable steps, so long as you act on them, can be very insightful and valuable for anyone developing their brand and building their own business.

This book was something I could easily read/listen to and get a ton of value from it. If you watch any movies at all, it will become easy to understand how this style of thinking of your brand and developing the message will work for you.

Hope you give it a look!

Let me know in the comments below if you have read this before. I would be curious to hear your feedback.