Lately, I can’t help but be wholly sucked into and notice the marketing efforts Beachbody puts forth for their products. Beachbody is truly a company which knows how to attack the marketplace from every possible angle and continually builds upon their position. In case you don’t understand what Beachbody does or why I think it is worth even mentioning, they make a fantastic series of workout DVDs. I intend to break down their marketing efforts to know what is usually a linear business and have learned to take it to another level.

Anyone reading from the US has been exposed to P90X. If you haven’t, it is Beachbody’s most successful product to date. The reason is the content. Beachbody produces unique content, and I know because I have had the chance to check it out. So it’s not some scammy infomercial you’re watching; it’s the real deal if you stick with it. How it achieved this level of success was due in part to Beachbody’s marketing department’s efforts.

I was not paying attention to their products before P90Xs’ launch, although I have started to see some steam building up to launch their newest product, Insanity. If you checked out the link, you could see Beachbody is taking the pre-launch campaign online and using a basic list building page to gather emails from people interested in Insanity. This is a two-pronged approach. First, you get to build a solid list of people who want to buy your product, and second, you now have a list of people to whom you can cross promote products to increase your revenue per email gathered. They gather those emails isn’t using some lengthy sales letter, instead of real content from their products to help sell the user and build trust in the development, making them see more from this series. Simple as that.

We have covered their pre-launch campaign. Let’s talk about the campaign during the product’s life, which for P90X is still going. They have taken TV slots by storm. If you happen to be in the US, and it’s either early morning or late at night, you can catch one of their 30-minute infomercials covering every aspect of the product. Their infomercials cover the workout and how it works. It talks about how they offer a nutrition plan to help you even further, a nice bonus on the already packed DVD set, and you get workbooks, yet another bonus. So they give you plenty of reasons to buy, but they pack on even more—the actual show-off testimonials of people who have used the product and had great results. So ok, we know the infomercials are dead on.

The web presence is just as good. Beachbody is selling the product in the same manner. The website has much more of a sales letter approach. Yet, it still has its unique style, not the same vertical five-page long ad on the product. They show you what you get along with a variety of testimonials from people who have used it. They provide ample opportunities for you to buy.

Ok, they have the customer at the pre-sale and now the actual sale. Most infomercial based products quit after this. After actually watching an entire P90X video, you can see how they bring it to another level. They suggest buying and using their upsell products throughout all the video routines, like supplement vitamins and energy drinks. Which I have no problems with and I’m sure works great. After each video, they show their nutritional specialist how good the drinks and vitamins are for the user, further gaining their trust.

The customer now buys the product and probably has bought at least one upsell. What else is left? Why not join their free/monthly recurring(depending on what choice you make) program where the customer can interact with the people who make the programs the customer buys and use. For the monthly recurring revenue, they give the customer plenty of personalized options. While the customer is now most likely made it through the DVD’s and is ready for more, they can join the ‘Coach’ program. Coaching allows the customer to make their own coaching website and sell the Beachbody products to profit. The coaching program completes the circle of making the customer a business partner. I see no faults in the entire marketing process. It is solid from start to finish. I’m sure as new DVDs come out, they will promote the area more.

From the moment you hear about a product from Beachbody to the time you buy a product and use it, they are frequently in touch with you in every way they can be. They don’t do it in a pushy or in a rude way. Their products are genuine and work. Take some time and study how this company keeps building on their already big 300 million dollars a year. You will find new ways to market your products, whether they are digital or physical. This company is the best example of selling I have seen yet.