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Leave It To Me To Teach You About Passive Income

Hey there, I’m Ryan!

You're in the right place if, you want to build a side hustle or take the plunge and start working for yourself.

I've worked with tons of amazing folks and helped them start their own side hustles as well as build full businesses. It's what I'm passionate about. We're going to be learning internet marketing and business building together. I'll show you how I'm building the businesses and exactly what I'm doing to see if it can be a viable passive income option. You'll find all of that right here on my blog.

How I Define Passive Income:

A self-sustaining business, needing little involvement from its creators in order to be a positive income generator.

You have probably heard of passive income from a friend or somewhere online.

There isn't just one defintion of passive income, but definitely a few different ways others interpret it. This website is here to teach you about as all the possible ways to do it.

The less time we need to spend on these businesses the better. We need to spend time finding products and services to make our customers lives better. Then we spend our time devoted to building that business and along the way automate the business to become as self sufficient as possible.

Starting in the online world, where the cost of admission is extremely low, and in some cases free to start, is the best choice possible and one I have gone to time and again. I have been able to test and start businesses for literally no money. Eventually you can turn these assets into self-sustaining machines.

We have a lot to cover first, but hopefully I can help you gain clarity. Lets start with the 3 most commonly started passive income businesses.

Top 3 Passive Income Businesses

Which one is for me?

  1. Create an Online Course - This business takes more time up front, but once you have it done, it takes very little long term maintenance. The course can literally cover anything as long as you're delivering value to your customers.
  2. Sell a Product - Not all that different from the previous one, but this can be an ebook or even a piece of software. It could be you're own physical goods. This has a lot of flexibility and can be pretty quick to start.
  3. Sell a Service - Selling your skills as a service. May you can design, write, code or even video editing. These services fetch a premium online and maybe you've never gone out on your own or you want to bring your new talents to the world. This one requires little work up front, but could net out other opportunities over the long term.

What This Website Won't Do

Lets set some expectations.

I'm all about setting some realistic expectations in life. This whole passive income world has a lot of mystery around it. Lets uncover what it all actually means.

  1. This world is not a cake walk. You will not have it come easy and quickly. Nothing worth having comes easily. Building a business online to generate passive income is just like it sounds. Its "building". So many other marketers and online entrepreneurs will tell you its easy and they will tell you it can be done in a short period of time, but what they are really doing is make money off of you. And that is another kind of online business, but one I don't suggest doing. I'm going to show you how to build this all up, all it takes is for you to take the first steps and then the next ones. Continually taking action is the goal.
  2. Beginning to generate income from a website or social media profile takes time. There are no get rich quick plans here. My first business took me about 3 months to see just pennies come in, but really in almost a years time (and a lot of mistakes) I was making enough money for my wife to quit her job and me to enjoy the luxury of staying at home with my son. This was definitely hard work and took me day in and day out of being focused on the goal of growing this website to become an authority in its own space. In the grand scheme of things this was pretty quick and offered me the ability to further grow other new online businesses. You can do this!
  3. Creating an online business is certainly not impossible. It takes persistence and mindfulness of your goals to make it happen. Honestly, before I jumped into this, I was supremely scared. It was around 2002 and a time before many people were really building businesses online. I took a big bet and went all in on the idea of working for myself and even possibly employing others to help grow a business. It actually paid off! I was able to turn around and start making money and what was even better was my ability to spend time with my family. I could work from just about anywhere in the world. If you're ready, you can experience this too!

A Website

The First Thing You'll Need

A website is the basic starting point for most people in creating an online business. Especially if you're goal is to be in the passive income business.

With services like Wordpress.com and Blogger, this can be done for little to no money. If your budget is limited, then its probably a good choice, but be warned that you will probably encur a ton of work in the later stages of your business to migrate away from these services.

These free services lock you into that platforms design styles and functionality. Which means you won't be able to do any of the other cool stuff you see on other websites.

A self hosted website the best option in the long run. It gives you full control and you can do whatever you want to it. The best services make it a snap to get started.


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The Hosting Company I Trust with My Businesses

I have used WP-Engine for a long while now. As a software engineer by trade, My experience with other hosting companies has been overly complicated. WP-Engine can have a new website up and running in minutes. They are reliable and constantly have the you and you users security in mind. (to be fair, as an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through my link.)

I have experienced and watched others experience terrible hosting problems. I have never dealt with any of that with WP-Engine. They work like clockwork. Their setup is truly professional on every level. Which means you can focus on your business.

I wouldn't recommend any other service to start hosting your first website. They will let you get started for the low rate of $25.


One more thing for you

Theres still so much left to teach and share with you. I have tons more guidance I've learned over the last 20 years of having an online business and I would rather save you that time.

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I hope this all helped you!

I'm truly grateful to have the chance to work with you and be here for you.

If you have any experiences where this information has helped you or been the leaping-off point for your new adventure, then I would love to hear about it. We are all learning together on this site, including me!

I treat every tweet, email, and instagram as important and impactful. I do my best effort to respond to each and every one. I'm here to be your resource in starting your new journey, so please lean on me when you need to.