Baconfile makes sharing files through twitter simple and easy while adding a hint of its own social functionality. Baconfile utilizes Amazon’s cheap S3 service to defray the bandwidth costs and put the responsibility of sharing the files on the user. They have plans to make a free version sometime in the future. Baconfile centralizes sharing files online with its own URL’s and built in commenting system to increase user interaction.

Baconfile was created by Leah Culver, the creator/developer of the now-defunct, using Sinatra (a Ruby framework). Being a former user of Pownce, I missed the ability to send and receive files between people I know, and Baconfile is a great start in getting it back.

According to the help page on Baconfile, this is a ‘Super Alpha Mode’ release of the app, beware. My experiences using it have been rock solid so far. I did not see any options to have selective sharing of files between users or see where exactly my file had been linked from. The latter can be accomplished with some simple Google searches, though. This is me being picky. Baconfile sets out and does exactly what it says it will. We’ll keep an eye on it and report back when it reaches ‘Alpha Mode.’ Baconfile is open for anyone to use and see; give it a shot.