So as my days usually go, I browsed around working on the next BIG thing when I jumped over to Amazon to do a little research. What did I find but a new layout on the Amazon site? They have been with the same scheme overall since I can remember them being this big ecommerce shop.

Overall I like the look. It’s a fresh new design. The launch time seems perfect as it will give Amazon plenty of time to work out any bugs that may arise before the holiday season kicks into full swing. The navigation is a significant improvement in my mind. Before, you had to go through all this junk to get to what you wanted. Now it’s all there on the left bar where I need it, with some helpful, quick links to some of the more popular categories. One initial criticism would be they didn’t leave a link on the page to go back to the old layout. As horrible as it may be to some users, a vast majority don’t like to change things up.

In this Web 2.0 world, Amazon is starting to take a stab at the styling cues we are beginning to become accustomed to as users/customers. I give this design update a 9.0 on my scale. What’s your take on it?