1. Write Your Copy Fast

Chances are, if you spend a bunch of time writing the first draft of your copy, it will be bloated and messy. Sit down in a place where you can concentrate and focus, then write the whole thing out in one shot. Every time I have done this, I find my copy is filled with good content right from the start, and I get to the point of what I’m saying right away.

2. Drop Adjectives to Get Good Content

I will take this time to ditch all the adjectives in my copy in chronological order of sorts. Chances there is a better way to describe what it is you need to say. I am always surprised at how many adjectives I will fill my first draft with.

3. Use Action Verbs

This tip coincides with the previous one in a sense. While going through the content and ditching adjectives, find relative action-verbs to help spice up your copy. For example: BAD: ‘Johnny vigorously chopped the cherry tree,’ GOOD: ‘Johnny demolished the cherry tree.’ If you’re stuck on what words to use, grab a thesaurus. Your thesaurus is your best friend when writing copy.

4. Sell Benefits Not Features

I often see people selling features of a product instead when they need to be selling benefits. If you have trouble discerning a benefit or a feature, ask yourself, ‘What does this product do for the customer?’. Is it good for the customer because it’s big and fast and heavy, OR is it save the customer time and money and allow them to live forever?

5. Create the Atmosphere of Problem and Solution

When you find yourself going through your copy again, check to see if you have accurately set up a problem and how you are offering a solution. To effectively do this step, you will need to have an active pulse on your market already and know what they need. You can also take this time to actively credential yourself as the ‘Go-To’ guy for this particular problem.

6. Bad Words

No, I am not talking about curse words. The problem here is to look out for word which can be interpreted in more than one way. If it can be interpreted in more than one way, do not use it. Again, break out the thesaurus.

7. Every Word Matters

Every single word in your copy matters, and it’s what you are using to sell a product. Make it every single word is going to help market and make you more money.

8. Trouble Words

I personally try to steer clear of this list of words whenever possible. In most cases, it will help create a fuller and richer piece of copy.

  • that
  • could
  • would
  • should
  • so
  • but
  • finally
  • automatically
  • reveals

9. Rewrite

Never stick with the very first rough draft of your copy. Send it out to friends or co-workers to have them review it. Plus, this allows your personal time away from your work. You can come back to the copy with some fresh eyes and some new ideas.


My tips here are not the end-all, by any means. It is merely a stepping stone to having a better copy. I highly suggest going out and finding a few books/video/audio on copywriting or taking a formal class in it.

What are your thoughts? Did I miss anything? or Do you have any extra tips for anyone else?