The friendly and helpful interaction with people can really go a long way in developing your personal brand online and offline. When you start a one-on-one dialogue with someone new or old, you have the chance to interact and impact their lives directly. In the process, this can benefit you in more ways than you may have initially thought.

1. More traffic

The time you spend to develop a relationship with someone new pays off in dividends, especially when you help them. Let’s say, for instance, you helped one person through a coding issue. This new person you personally interacted with is likely to come back and see what you are doing on your website more often than the normal user. They are also more likely to recommend you/your website to a friend. Of course, everything here hinges on you accomplishing the task they want to get done.

2. Meet new people

You are building a relationship. This new person has now talked to you personally and knows you more than the average user. Meeting new people can lead to many things down the road, but the sheer greatness of meeting them is enough to keep you helping and being friendly for a long time.

3. Build up a reputation

Even if you did not figure out the solution to the person’s problem, you are still more likely to have a good reputation with them. When most people get a one on one interaction with a friendly and genuinely helpful person, they feel cared for. This feeling is not one you get every day. The reputation you develop can solidify your niche position very quickly as THE person everyone needs to meet and interact with.

4. Lead to better opportunities/partnerships

You never know who exactly you are helping or who they may know. These random interactions with your users can lead to greater opportunities for future projects or possible partnerships. Although the latter is something, you earn and generally is not given. Some other opportunities can be the users writing about your blog and helpfulness, allowing you to do a guest post, linking to your website, and the list goes on.

5. Feel better about yourself

Last and certainly the greatest reason of all.  At the end of everything, you feel good because you just got the chance to impact someone else’s life positively. You can have the worst day ever, and in the end, when you look back, and you helped someone else achieve a positive result, you just had the best day ever.

Try this out and help one person a week with whatever you can. Be it through forums, comments on a blog, or just through email. You will end everyday feeling good about the results you are achieving. It will show through almost everything you do.