1. Ditch Distractions

For those of us who work at home and this can apply to the office as well. Ditching all distractions, if even for a couple of hours, will increase your productivity. You will be focused on the tasks you need to accomplish and get them done faster.

2. Turn Off Email

This is vital to success. I can’t begin to tell you how often I will check my email if it’s turned on. I see a notification or hear a little ping, and I am instantly drawn to look and see what’s up. The solution here is to turn it off for two to three hours at a time. There is rarely an email that needs your immediate attention. If the email is so important, someone will find another way to contact you.

3. Turn Off Instant Messengers

Another astounding thing. If you keep your instant messengers on all day during your ‘work’ hours, you are dooming yourself to being totally unproductive. Think about every time someone sent you an instant message with the latest awesome song or a piece of gossip that totally engulfed you. Before you knew it, two or three hours are gone, and you feel like you wasted away your day.

4. Develop a Morning Routine

A morning routine will wake you up and get you prepared for the day ahead. I’ll tell you my routine, and you can get an idea of how it can help you be productive.

I wake up at 7 am and have breakfast. Usually a bowl of oatmeal or some fruit and a big glass of water. This way, I’m taking care of breakfast right away. Then I will go workout for an hour and build up some good energy for the day. Then finish it off with a solid shower, and I’m ready for the day.

This routine takes me roughly two hours to complete. By doing this alone, I feel ready to attack the day, and I have energy throughout the day. Now I’m not expecting you to copy my style exactly. This is what works for me. The idea is to wake up a little earlier than you normally do, eat well, and take care of your health.

5. No Overkill

If you find yourself sitting in front of the computer working for 18 hours straight, chances are you are not nearly as productive as someone who worked 12 hours with focused sessions. It is actually counterproductive to work so much. I suggest working in four-hour sessions and taking a break. Play video games, read a book, or get outside. When you come back, your brain will be fresh and ready to deliver four more hours of active and focused work.

Make a habit out of being productive and you will surely see bigger and better results from everything you strive for.

What are your keys to being productive?